👾 SeattleIndie.Dev is a community for people making video games.

SeattleIndie.Dev is a community designed for the members of the video game industry.

Showcase your yourself, and your work. Connect with other developerss, share feedback, and find inspiration for your next game. Get noticed for your hard work, and find others doing just as amazing things as you.

💻 SeattleIndie.Dev is a community for game hackers.

But we're not just stopping at creating games. We want to you help you learn how to hack them too.

All of us in the industry started somewhere. More often than not, that was hacking and modding games we loved to play as kids. Today, we have tools like Cheat Engine, as well as various other memory editors and hex editors, but the community isn’t the same. And the barrier to entry is higher than ever. There aren’t great tutorials or resources on hacking or modifying games anymore.

We want to change that. We are creating a community for finding and sharing resources, whether it’ s in the form of written tutorials, videos, or git repositories allowing modders and game hackers the ability to show off their work, in a safe and legal way. While at the same time, preserving the history that lead us here; showcasing everything from chat bots to game mods and everything in between.

No matter what stage you are in you're career, whether you're just starting out, or a senior excutive at a large studio, everyone is here to learn, grow, and make connections!

💖 Help us build something, together.

So what exactly is SeattleIndie about?

We're building a community and publishing resources to help indie developers grow their base.

We're currently in a closed beta right now. If you are a small studio or individual looking share your game, or think you could provide useful resources to others, then request access using the forms below!

Submit research

Do you have a research project? Maybe a tutorial about game hacking or modding? Maybe you just want to share a fun, harmless glitch you discovered. We'd love to help share it, and give you the regognition it deserves!

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Submit your game

Working on a video game? Just starting out and want to share your progress? Even better. We'd love to showcase your progress and give your game the recgognizipon it deserves within a supportive, positive community.

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Forms aren't your thing? You can always send us an email too: hello @

🥺 But Im Not in Seattle!

That's okay! We're just starting with a small group first, and will expand when the time is right.

Priority is given to those who we can potentially meet up with, and get a first hand account of what their process is like, and potentially event document them along their growth!

If you're just starting out or just want to lurk, no matter where you are, we still want you to be part of the community! Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date and find out when we launch!